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Shhhh. Artist at Work

Stuart's studio, just up the road from his gallery in Tarbert, is exactly as you expect an artist's studio to be like. There's paint EVERYWHERE!!! On his chair in front of his current commission, the floor, the wall. Paintbrushes randomly (to the untrained eye) are placed in jam jars next to the canvas, an old plate covered with a maelstrom of colours in the artists hand.
These same colours that, when applied to the canvas, layer upon layer, detail upon detail, take on the energy, power and vibrancy his collectable rugby originals and prints have become associated with.
Pass by the gallery, with it's picture windows to allow as much light in as possible, you'll see Stuart at work, his dog, an adored Westie called Sketch, in his bed, curled up asleep. By all means pop in and have a chat about his work. 
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